Days 55 – 56: Acceleration

On Friday two classes took quizzes (last official CVPM quizzes) and in Algebra we worked on multiplying binomials. In Algebra I’ve been working with a general system of students working in pairs on problems in class, then two pairs pairing up to compare work and finally when they’ve done that, I’ll hand them an answer key (with an intentional mistake or two). On many days it seems to be working well as students are engaged, thinking, and talking for much of the period.

Today in two classes I started the Constant Acceleration Particle Model using Kelly’s version of the paradigm experiment. In one of those classes, some of the students are not yet confident in their understanding of CVPM (particularly velocity vs. time graphs),  but my decision to press forward was based on the hope that working on something that is a bit more complex will help the previous unit sink in a bit more. My original plan this year was to work quickly through the first four units (CVPM, CAPM, BFPM, UBFPM) and then spend more time working on larger problems that combine all of them – because they all build on each other and make more sense as a unit than they do individually. Unfortunately, that plan did not happen, but perhaps this mini-implementation will give me the motivation to try it on a larger scale next year

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